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How To | Get the Best Results from your Workouts

How To | Get the Best Results from your Workouts

How To | Get the Best Results from your Workouts

Working your perky butt off at the gym but have stopped seeing results? You may need to revamp your workouts. For those of you with a regular workout style that works for you, you may be wondering why you should change up your fitness routine. We tell you why it’s important to mix up your workouts every now and then.

Finding an exercise routine that you can dedicate yourself to is just as hard as finding a routine that you love. Our bodies are built to adapt, so when you practice the same workout routine over and over you start to feel stagnate. This is because when you repeat the same workout your body gets used to the motions, consuming less energy and burning fewer calories – giving you less results over time. Whether you’re a hardcore barre fan or a yoga enthusiast, mixing up your routine is essential in challenging your body and your muscles.

What to do instead:

Changing up your workout routine will keep you constantly challenged, keep you from getting bored and give you better results. By changing up your workouts daily, you will trick your body into working harder and burning more calories. Try to add these body changers to your exercise routine.

  • Do a different type of exercise every day – Day 1 – HIIT, Day 2 – yoga, Day 3 – Weight training, Day 4 – Pilates, Day 5 – rest.
  • Combine strength and cardio training into the one workout
  • Rotate high-intensity with low-intensity workouts each day
  • Work different muscle groups every day and change up your exercises for those muscle groups each week. i.e. push-ups, chest flies, chest presses. They all work the same part of your body but in very different ways.

What happens when you change up your workouts?

You won’t plateau

Adding variety to your workouts will keep your strength and fitness levels at their optimum. As mentioned, if you continue with the same workout routine every day you will stop making progress. By increasing your resistance levels, speed, exercises and workouts, you’ll really start to maximise results. As you grow, so should your workout! 

You’re less likely to injure yourself

Repetitive workouts = repetitive use of muscles / muscle groups. If you do the same workout every day, you won’t be giving your muscles enough time to heal between each workout, increasing your chances of getting injured and losing your fitness. Doing too much of the same movements can result in the overuse of your joints and muscles causing distress to your body. To avoid exercise injuries and overtraining your body, make sure to alternate between high-intensity and low-intensity workouts.

You won’t burnout

Tired of doing the same old routine at the gym? Well so is your body! If you keep doing the same workout routine each day, your results will start dropping and you’re more likely to give up on your fitness goals. To avoid this, keep your workout schedule mixed up and try to incorporate a range of different types of workouts to keep challenging your body and your mind.


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