Our SDG Commitments

Nimble prioritises 4 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals to ensure a focused and meaningful sustainability strategy.

We have used these goals to build out a sustainability roadmap, categorised by People, Planet and Profit to ensure our roadmap is balanced and supports a sustainable business model.

Nimble will....

By 2029 Nimble Activewear will only work with *Tier 1 suppliers that have 3rd party ethical audits.

By 2029 Nimble Activewear will have visibility across the Tier 2 supply chain.

  • We will continue to develop long-term collaborative partnerships with suppliers to ensure ethical development and buying practices.
  • We will continue to schedule regular on-site visits to our Tier 1 & 2 suppliers to oversee the supply chain.

*Definition of supply chain tiers sourced from fashionrevolution.org

Tier 1:
Suppliers that do the cutting, sewing and finishing of garments in the final stage of production.
Tier 2:
Processing facilities - capturing a wide range of activities such as ginning, spinning yarn, knitting and weaving fabrics, dyeing and wet processing.
Tier 3:
Raw material suppliers - those that provide manufacturers with materials such as fibres (cotton, wool, viscose, polyester etc), dyes, chemicals, metals and so on.

In response to the reports of human rights abuse in Xinjiang, Nimble Activewear ensures none of its supply chain is located in the Xinjiang region, this includes but is not limited to; cut & sew, cotton materials & ingredients in any of Nimble’ Activewear's fabrics.

We are developing our first supplier Code of Conduct to as further assurance suppliers never source from the Xinjiang region or any facility using or suspected of using forced labor, involuntary labor, or modern slavery.

In 2024, we released our first Annual Impact Report to mark the start of our ongoing commitment to transparency and accountability.

This report lets our customers explore our business values and join us in our journey to ensure we produce products with shared values, focusing on our people and the planet. We want our customers to hold us accountable and partner with us for a more sustainable future.

Implement and publish policies that support closing the gap for women in the workplace.

Nimble will...

As of 2023 Nimble Activewear has applied the Tencel™ licence to all cellulose (modal, lyocell, viscose) based products.

TENCEL™ Modal uses a highly resource-efficient production technology with high recovery and recycling rates. According to the Higg Materials Sustainability Index (Higg MSI), TENCEL™ Modal has a lower environmental impact than generic modal* in the categories of energy consumption (fossil fuels), global warming, water consumption and eutrophication. TENCEL™ Lyocell and Modal fibres are derived from controlled or certified wood sources.

*The results were calculated according to LCA standards (ISO 14040/44) and are made available via the Higg Materials Sustainability Index (MSI) by the Sustainable Apparel Coalition.

100% of Nimble Activewear's fabrics are either Oeko-tex or Bluesign Approved.

Is a label for textiles tested for harmful substances. It sets the benchmark for textile safety, from yarn to finished product. Every item bearing the STANDARD 100 label is certified as having passed safety tests for the presence of harmful substances.

Bluesign APPROVED:
Every bluesign APPROVED fabric has been manufactured to strict safety and environmental requirements. Known as the bluesign CRITERIA, these are the highest standards in the industry.

By 2029 Nimble Activewear will only use certified organic cotton.

We have zero tolerance for human rights abuse and are committed to never sourcing cotton from high-risk areas. In contrast, we understand the huge environmental toll that comes with conventional cotton. We are working to source options that are both.

By 2029 Nimble Activewear will have end-of-life solutions for all of its product and sampling.

Phase 1: No excess stock will go to landfill.
Status = Complete

Phase 2: No Samples will go to landfill.
Status = Complete

Phase 3: Offer solutions for customers.
Status = In work!

There are currently little to no ways to recycle the blended synthetic fabrics needed for high-performance activewear.

We have been working with charities and organisations to find use for any samples or stock that cannot be sold.

Sample Waste
Nimble Activewear ensures any textile waste in our office is responsibly disposed of via Upparel and local donation projects.

Excess Stock
Nimble Activewear works to ensure its products are high in quality and have longevity in design.

Each season we perfect our range offering to suit our customers, but occasionally we are left with excess stock. We are committed to reducing waste and converting to landfill so we make sure to find avenues for any unsold stock to go to women who may not have access to active apparel.

In 2023 we held a warehouse sale to clear some archival stock, and then worked with a range of charities to find homes for the small amount of stock leftover:

The Sports Bra Project
450 units, Retail value $13,500
Dress for Success
1656 units, Retail value $53,985
1260 units, Retail value $43,660

By 2026 Nimble Activewear will use no plastic packaging.

Packaging Goals

In 2024 we will move our swing tag cords to be fully recyclable so customers can easily recycle the swing tags once removed from garments without needing to dispose of the string. We are also working with new suppliers to test and trial home composable garment & mailer bags.

Swing tags

  • Card: paper, fully recyclable
  • String & Join: waxed cotton thread & plastic, not recyclable

Accessories Packaging

  • Sock belly band: paper, recyclable except for plastic sticker
  • Water bottle box: paper, recyclable
  • Water bottle box filling: plastic bubble wrap, must be placed in soft recycling bins
  • Seamless underwear box: paper, recyclable

Garment bags & Mailer bags

Made from PBAT, instead of getting recycled this bag will break down over time without creating methane, or emitting any harmful toxins. Where possible it should be sent to a local industrial composting facility for the quickest bio-degradation.

Store carry bags

100% paper (including handles), fully recyclable.

Conscious product range

Sustainability means different things to different people, so Nimble Activewear created guidelines to ensure transparency about our criteria for a conscious product. To be part of the conscious range, a product must use at least 40% fibre or processes that are better for people, animals, or the environment than conventional alternatives.

Conscious product guidelines:

Products where at least 40% of the materials used are grown and/or produced with a significantly reduced environmental impact based on the below list:

Where a garment is made from upcycled waste, diverted from landfill. Suppliers must provide GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certificates as proof that the fabric is made from diverted waste.

Organically Grown Cotton
Where a garment is made from a fabric that claims to be of organic origin the supplier must provide sufficient evidence that the fibre is of organic origin (i.e organically grown cotton).

Organic Cotton
For a fabric to be called organic (as opposed to organically grown) it must have a GOTS or OCS certification

Lenzing Modal/Tencel™
All Lenzing fibres must provided with a fibre certificate and the final product must have approval certificate from Lenzing to support any claims.

By 2029 Nimble Activewear will use zero virgin synthetics.

At Nimble Activewear, we are committed to bringing you high-quality products that are not only better for the environment but also made to our high ethical standards. The biggest challenges to date have been in expanding some of our larger fibre groups to be recycled, organic or bio-based due to ethical sourcing, pricing and commerciality or quality concerns. Where suppliers have offered us recycled nylon we are not yet convinced that the quality meets the standard of our current product and where we have found bio-based nylon, parts of the makeup have been produced in Xinjiang.

That being said, we aren’t giving up. We are always searching for better alternatives and aim to bring our community a range of products that are 100% conscious. We are working with tech start-ups, speaking to new suppliers and always on the hunt for more ethically sourced products.

Our recycled fabric assurance
It is important for us to have a detailed understanding of all of our yarns, how they are made and where they come from. In order to claim our fabric is made of recycled materials we require a ‘chain of custody’ such as a GRS certificate from the supplier to prove that the yarn was created using materials from a genuine recycling facility.

As a producer of synthetic garments it is our responsibility to offer customers the ability to care for our product in a way that protects the environment from micro-plastics.

We are proud to offer Guppy Bags in our range to aid in washing synthetic garments without the release of micro-plastics when washing. We are also passionate about expanding our care guides to help customers who may want to learn more about how to increase the longevity of their garments:
Knitwear Care Guide
Activewear Care Guide

We are passionate about designing quality product with an advanced level of performance that will live beyond trend cycles. We follow a rigorous testing process when developing all of our product:

Wear testing
When developing new fabrics and fits, we use fit ambassadors, experts in each area of exercise to put our product to the ultimate test before it hits stores.

Testing for quality
All fabrics and products are lab, wash and wear-tested for colourfastness, snagging, pilling and retention.

Nimble will...

We have recently launched our long-term charity partnership with The Confident Girls Foundation we are so excited to see this partnership grow each year as we find new ways to partner with the amazing foundation.

So far in 2024:

  • We donated $5 from every purchase on International Women's Day to The Confident Girls Foundation.
  • All profits from our February Run Club tickets went to The Confident Girls Foundation.

Leftover Stock

Nimble Activewear works to ensure its products are high in quality and have longevity in design, each season we perfect our range offering to suit our customers, but occasionally we are left with excess stock. We are committed to reducing waste and converting to landfill so we make sure to find avenues for any unsold stock to go to women who may not have access to Active apparel.

Community Events

In June 2023 we partnered with Scout Pilates to offer a community class with our ambassador Bree Hemsley. 50% of each ticket price went to LIVIN.

The Conscious Edit

Designed to take you to and from your movement routine. Perfect for styling day-to-day.