Activewear women's jackets & jumpers

Stay warm, dry, and oh-so-fashionable in our gorgeous range of comfy and stylish active outerwear. From waterproof raincoats that elevate any outfit to cozy fleece jackets and breathable jumpers, our women's outerwear keeps you warm without overheating. A wardrobe staple in winter or an optional layer to complement your stunning summer clothes, you'll want every style, design, and colourway.

Women’s ½ zip jumper 

With a super cute ½ zip neckline, cinched waist, and loose fit, our women's ½ zip jumpers are a failsafe way to look great on and off the mat. 

Dread wearing a jumper after a sweaty workout? Our no sweat ½ zip jacket is a game changer. Featuring an innovative, super-breathable, 3D spacer design (that literally creates space between you and the fabric), say goodbye to sweat-trapped jumpers and hello to barely-there warm layers. 

Prefer those on-trend fleecy feels? You'll adore our cozy ½ zip adventure jumper. Made with 100% recycled polyester, this faux-fleece jacket is the ultimate outer layer, featuring a flattering zip collar, convenient pockets, and a warm exterior. 

Cropped activewear jackets

Designed to complement our fitted tanks and tees, every fashion-forward woman needs a cropped activewear jacket. With a loose-fitting design and excellent ventilation, they are a dream in summer, perfect for those late-night beach walks or relaxed workouts. Pair them with high-waisted leggings and a sports bra for a celeb-loving look that celebrates your toned midriff. 

Winter activewear for women 

Stay on top of the latest fashion trends as the temperature drops with our new arrivals of women's winter outerwear. Hit the pavement for an early morning walk, cosy and warm in our ½ zip jumpers, the perfect throw-on layer that looks as good as it feels. And our waterproof raincoats are almost too good to be true. Made with silky soft, breathable fabric and laser-cut holes for ventilation, you'll stay dry inside and out. 

How to style activewear women's jackets 

When styling women's activewear jackets, go for slightly baggy, loose-fitting jumpers and coats - think quick, easy, throw-on layers that instantly add style. Slip a women's ½ zip running top over your sports bra and bike shorts for chic high-intensity vibes. Or stay warm while you walk the dog or grab a coffee in our cozy fleece jackets. For those wet and rainy days, slip our waterproof coat over your workout top and leggings for a low-key yet dry-as-bone outfit. 

Ready to find comfortable, active outerwear that blends seamlessly into your daily wardrobe? Browse our range of women's coats, jackets, and jumpers and check out our size guide to find your perfect fit. Ready-set, it's time to hit the gym in style.