Introducing our In Motion Collection

Introducing our In Motion Collection

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To help you find the StudioLuxe products that so many of you love, we have made some changes to existing product names across our leggings, shorts, sports bras and tops. 

Say hello to our In Motion collection. Designed to blend performance with softness for luxurious support and peach-like feel.


Extend 7/8 Legging > In Motion 7/8 Legging

In Motion Legging > In Motion Pocket 7/8 Legging

Extend Onesie Short > In Motion Onesie Short

Extend Onesie Long > In Motion Onesie Long

Go With The Flow Bra > In Motion Adjustable Bra

Hold Your Pose Bra > In Motion Scoop Bra

Smooth Support Bra > In Motion Support Bra

Free Flow Bra > In Motion Racer Bra