Your Guide to Our Product Name Changes

Your Guide to Our Product Name Changes

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As of January 2024, we've made some changes to product names to better help you navigate our collection.

You may already be familiar with our In Motion collection, where softness, all-day comfort and versatility come together. And now, we're pleased to welcome to our Nimble families, In Tempo and Essentials.

In Tempo - Your New High Intensity Bestie

Our In Tempo collection is designed to go the distance with you as your go-to choice for high-intensity activities, allowing you to stay completely focused on your workout. No distractions. 

Stash & Dash 7/8 Legging > In Tempo 7/8 Legging

Stash & Dash Bike Short 18cm > In Tempo Short 18cm

In Tempo Bike Short 14cm > In Tempo Run Short 14cm

No Bounce Bra II > In Tempo No Bounce C-D Bra

In Motion - Your Studio To Street Go-To

Our In Motion collection has been designed to blend performance with softness - say hello to luxurious support and a peach-like feel.

In Motion Onesie Long > In Motion 7/8 Onesie

In Motion Onesie Short 12cm > In Motion Onesie 12cm

Essentials - Your Everyday Activewear with a Minimalist Design 

The Essentials collection focuses on versatile, everyday activewear with a minimalist design and an emphasis on comfort, durability and affordability. 

Laser Hem Bike Short 18cm > Essential Short 18cm

Zoom Legging > Essential Pocket Ankle Legging

Ribbed & Ready LS > Essential Ribbed LS

Happy Feet Socks > Essential Quarter Sock

N Crew Socks > Essential N Quarter Sock

High Rise Long Legging > Essential Full Legging

Zoom Bike Short > Essential Pocket Short 14cm