When properly cared for, regular washing (and in one of our GuppyFriend washing bags 😉) will help your recycled polyfill jacket last longer and perform at its best.

BEFORE you choose your washing method:

  • Don't use a top-loader washing machine with an agitator. It’s a much rougher wash for your much loved Puffer.
  • Avoid spin cycles - but not Spin class ;). Naturally, polyfill gets heavy when it’s wet, so be cautious and avoid damage and clumping with gentle options.
  • Don’t wring your jacket to remove excess water. If you must, gently shake any excess water off while supporting its weight.
  • Don't use or store your jacket while it’s still damp/wet, because it'll stink and so will you.

Choose your method:



  1. Washy washy - Turn your jacket inside out (zip that baby up!) and place in your washing machine. We suggest using a Guppyfriend Washing Bag to both reduce micro-waste and friction from your wash - this will also help your puffer last longer.   
  2. Sprinkle a teaspoon of delicate washing detergent (or liquid detergent) into the wash. DO NOT BLEACH! Keep your whites looking fresh by washing with other whites only. 
  3. Be gentle now :) you should only wash this on a cold / delicate cycle.


  1. Bath time! Fill up a small sink with cold water (brrr!). Add a teaspoon of delicate or down washing detergent.

  2. Enter the splash zone: submerge your jacket into the water and use gentle movements to wash it section by section.

  3. Rinse not wring! Rinse out the jacket in clean water to ensure all detergent is removed. Lightly squeeze to remove excess water or even use a towel to help remove the moisture. 


This will take 24-48 hours

  1. Carefully remove your wet jacket. Either lay it flat or hang it (on a coat hanger) to air dry inside out – ensure it is done in a well-ventilated area. It is important to fluff the jacket as it dries (every 30-45 minutes). This will prevent the polyfill from clumping.
  2. When the jacket is completely dry, hang it to air out for an additional couple of hours before wearing or storing.


  1. Tumble dry on a low (no heat) setting only. Place one or two tennis balls in the dryer as they will help keep the polyfill evenly distributed and your jacket will remain puffy!


  1. Keep this baby safe and in tip top condition. Allow your jacket to breathe and for it to live it’s best puffy life by staying uncompressed.
  2. Store hanging freely in your closet or loose in a laundry bag. 

When properly cared for, regular washing will help your puffer jacket last longer and perform at its best.