We're all about sustainable wardrobes, and the best way to support the environment is to make your clothes last longer!

When properly cared for, regular washing will help keep your Post Practice Crew in tip top shape, and performing at its best. 

Some tips and tricks beyond washing:

  • Avoid rubbing up against surfaces as fabric is subject to pilling due to its delicate nature.  
  • If you're as serious about maintenance as we are, then you've simply got to get a Lint Remover Machine - this little miracle will remove the pilling from almost anything and keep your Crew looking brand new! 
  • Ensure you use delicate care methods, don't use a top-loader washing machine with an agitator. It’s a rougher wash. Do not soak, do not use fabric softener! 

Choose your method:



  1. Washy washy - Turn your crew inside out and place in your washing machine.
  2. Sprinkle a teaspoon of washing detergent (delicate detergent) into the wash.
  3. Be gentle now :) you should only wash this on a cold / delicate cycle


  1. Bath time! Fill up a small sink with cold water (brrr!). Add a teaspoon of delicate washing detergent.

  2. Enter the splash zone: submerge your crew into the water and use gentle movements to wash it section by section.
 Do not scrub vigorously, friction is un-welcome here!
  3. Rinse not wring! Rinse out your crew in clean water to ensure all detergent is removed. Lightly squeeze to remove excess water or even use a towel to help remove the moisture. 


This will take 12-24 hours

  1. Carefully remove your wet crew from the wash. Lay it flat to air dry inside out – ensure it is done in a well-ventilated area.
  2. When your crew is completely dry, hang it or wear it!


    Keep this baby safe and in tip top condition. Allow your Crew to live it’s best post-practice life by staying loose on a hanger - not stuffed in your gym bag (yep, we've been guilty of this too).