We met in high school, bonding over our love of RnB and aerobics (can you blame us?). After chasing separate corporate careers, the one thing that always brought us back together was a good ol’fashion sweat. 

Because friends that sweat together, stay why not start a business together? 

Thus our vision was born.

Quality activewear that feels great.   

A step towards self expression for women to celebrate individuality, acknowledge differences and develop self-acceptance. And frankly? We’ve been sweating our vision into existence ever since.  

It’s been the most satisfying workout of our lives and thanks to your support, we’re not slowing down anytime soon. ðŸ‘Š


Seriously though - we love trying new things and meeting new people. Simply put, we like to feel good while hanging out in our activewear and everyone is invited. 

From run club, to beach clean-ups and in-store community class, we aim to cultivate events that you want to be a part of. Follow our Facebook page to stay in the loop on what’s happening in your community. 

Backed by an incredible team of women and a rising consumer movement of thousands, we‘ve shifted our focus to have impact on what we care about most.

Our signature COMPRESSLITE™ and MOVELITE fabrics are made from post-consumer use recycled plastic bottles and produced within an 80km radius of Taiwan, helping to reduce wastage, packaging and transport. Learn more about our sustainable business journey.