Made For You, Made To Move

We design activewear that inspires movement and puts the planet first.

Low Intensity

Yoga, Pilates & Barre

Mid Intensity

Circuit, Spin & Train

High Intensity

Running, HITT & Train

Low Intensity

Activewear crafted for gentle workouts that incorporate low impact moves and all day wear. Think minimalistic bras, streamlined leggings and stretchy fabrics that move with you.

Mid Intensity

Activewear designed for a dynamic workout, that includes medium impact moves that elevate the heart rate. Think bras that have your back, leggings that sculpt and fabrics that support you through sequences and sets.

High Intensity

Activewear developed for a vigorous workout, that includes high impact moves such as jumping and running. Think high support bras, compression-like leggings and 100% sweat endorsed fabrics.

Pre & Post Sweat Layers

We've got you covered with comfy and stylish active outerwear that elevates any outfit.

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