1 pair of leggings = 6 recycled bottles
1 sports bra = 2 recycled bottles

We care about the environment (and if you’re here, we know you do too!). Our signature fabrics, COMPRESSLITE and MOVELITE are made from post-consumer used recycled plastic bottles. 

Believe it or not, at any given time, you are wearing fabrics spun from at least 2 plastic bottles in our activewear!

Here's how the magic happens...

Plastic bottles have never looked so good

Our fabrics are knitted in Taiwan, with manufacturing then happening less than 80km away – this helps to reduce wastage, packaging and transport.

We are passionate about our sustainability journey and are always looking for new ways to reduce our environment impact.

Got any ideas? 

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From July 2019 onwards, all of our polybag packaging is now compostable (read: made from corn starch!) and will break down over time.

Watch this space as we continue to innovate our sustainable supply chain