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What Is Barre?

What Is Barre?

What Is Barre?

Heard about the barre craze but too scared to turn up to a class? The dance inspired fitness classes are growing in popularity, with a good reason too. We got to chat with Renee Scott, founder of Barre Attack and owner of Bondi Beach studio, all about Barre, what to expect from a barre workout and why you should head to the bar (no, not for drinks!) for your next sweat session.

What is Barre?

Barre is a dynamic fusion of Pilates, ballet and fitness. It is a low impact, high intensity workout combining all the things I love most, from standing Pilates work, short cardio intervals, to ballet dance moves. Generically Barre is a conditioning form of exercise used for ballet dancers, however the latest craze of barre fitness is quite different from traditional barre that you would see in ballet classes. The class is accessible for all people at all fitness levels.

What should all first timers expect from a barre class?

Our Barre Attack classes are known for making you sweat, so be prepared with a towel and bottle of water. The class is a total body workout, think a standing Pilates class with resistance bands, balls, and sliding disks throughout the class. Expect lots of ballet inspired moves, where your feet will be placed in an externally rotated position, lunges, squats, resistance band work, postural work and standing work - It will all flow like a dance workout. After class you’ll feel lean, coordinated and stable.

How does barre compare to other types of exercise?

Barre strengthens all of your key core muscular structure. This means you’re working on glutes, transverse abdominals and smaller core muscle groups that you need to be able to stay standing and keep your body healthy and functioning as it should. Every class is different, always follow a similar sequence of giving you a full body workout.

What are the benefits of Barre?

  • Better posture – by working on alignment and stability
  • No shoes – gives you ankle / foot stability and awareness
  • Longer, leaner physique – the full body workout replicates a dancer’s workout

What are the top 3 barre moves that are guaranteed to get you into shape?

  • Hover – start in a 4-point kneeling position (on your hands and knees) and just lifting the knees off the floor (and holding). Almost like a modified plank position. This tones the abs and works the thighs.

  • Second Position Plie – place your feet out wide, a bit over hip width apart, and bend the knees (following the toes), feeling like your back is sliding down against a wall with your knees drawing out to the sides. Squeeze your bottom and thighs to lift back up to standing position. This is a great leg and endurance exercise for the whole body!

  • Arabesque Toe Tap – bring one leg behind the body in line with the hip (like you would a lunge position). Lower and lift the leg with the back leg in an externally rotated position with the front leg slightly bent. This is a great glute workout.

Get a taste of your first Barre Attack workout in the comfort of your own home with Barre @home here.