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Top 5 | At Home Signature Barre Moves

Top 5 | At Home Signature Barre Moves

Top 5 | At Home Signature Barre Moves

Realign, balance and center your body with one of the best full body workouts – Barre Attack! Barre Attack is a dynamic fusion of Pilates, ballet and fitness that will completely change how you approach your fitness regime. Founded by Renee Scott, Barre Attack is a low impact, high intensity workout combining standing Pilates work, short cardio intervals, and traditional ballet dance moves – a class accessible for all levels of fitness.

Try out these top Barre moves at home for an all over body workout:

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Mountain Climbers

Equipment: Sliding disks

How: Hold yourself in a high plank position. Make sure your hands are directly under your shoulders and that your upper body is pushing out from beneath your hands making you look lean and long. Place your toes onto the sliding disks and slowly slide your legs in towards your chest one at a time (as if you are jogging). While moving your legs in this motion, remember to keep the rest of your body still in your plank position and check in regularly with your hips to make sure they are aligned with each other – only your legs should be moving.

To advance this move, try moving your leg to the opposite elbow and continue this motion.

Muscle Focus: Full body workout including your core, arms, and leg muscles.

Reps: 20 each leg and hold the plank for an extra 10 seconds at the end.

Remember: Relax your shoulders and head (by looking in between your fingers) in this position to avoid straining your neck.

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Side Plank

How: Turn and lie onto your left side bringing your knees in line with your hips (at a 45-degree angle) and prop yourself up onto your elbow, making sure it is directly under your shoulder. For a beginner’s version, lift your body up onto a side plank onto your knees. For an intermediate / advanced option lift your body up onto your feet stacked with one on top of the other (or side by side, depending on what feels most comfortable for your body). Once you are up steady in your plank pulse your hips up towards to ceiling. Repeat on your right side.

Muscle Focus: Obliques and legs

Reps: 15 reps each side and hold for 10 seconds at the end.

Remember: Try to keep your hips lifted the entire time you’re in this position. Always keep your eyes focussed out in front of you, if you start to look down at your legs you will change your positioning.

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Plie – Raised Heels

Equipment: Chair

How: Facing side on to the chair, place one hand on the chair and the other out to the side (in second position). Keeping you heels together, open your toes out to a small “V”. Lift your heels off the ground and adjust feet so that your heels touch. Bend the knees into a plié, keeping them in line with your middle toes.

For an extra challenge stay low in your plié and try to balance with both hands off the chair.

Muscle Focus: Inner and outer thighs, glutes and quads

Reps: 20 both sides. Hold at the end in your plié for 10 seconds.

Remember: Try to imagine your back is sliding up and down against a wall, or in between a pane of glass the whole time. This will improve your posture (keeping your back straight) as well as challenge your core.

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Arm Rows:

Equipment: Resistance Band

How: Make two loops at the end of your resistance band and tie them so that they are big enough to fit your hands into, put your fingers through the loops and hold on to the band. Shift your body into a lunge position and place your front foot on top of the band (try to step your foot onto the middle point of the band to ensure an even resistance on each arm). Lean the top half of your body forward so that you are at a 45-degree angle.

Reps: Bend your arms into a bicep curl for 20 reps and then straighten your arms and send them back behind you to press your shoulders into a tricep press for 20 reps. Pulse your arms back 20 reps to finish.

Remember: Zip your stomach in and up so that your abs are working to keep you balanced while your arms move. To avoid straining your neck, keep your eye-line just in front of your toes.

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Toe Taps:

How: lie flat on your back and place a Barre ball underneath your lower back. Bring both legs up to table-top and place your hands down by your side, palms down. Zip your core in and up and slowly tap your left leg down to the ground and bring it back up; keep switching each leg making sure that you are even on each side before finishing. To advance this move, straighten your arms in the air so that they sit directly above your shoulders and bring both legs down together to tap the floor and bringing them back to table-top.

Muscle Focus: Core, glutes and thighs

Reps: 20 single leg top-taps followed by 10 double leg toe-taps.

Tip: Keep your core engaged (think of bringing your bellybutton down to the floor) so that you can control your legs the whole way down and back up. If you feel any lower back pain during this exercise you may have stopped using your core; stop, re-align yourself, and start again. It’s all about quality, not quantity!

Want to try out a full Barre class in the comfort of your own home? Try Barre @ Home with Renee Scott.

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