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Nimble Insider | KX Instructor - Brigitte Saunders

Nimble Insider | KX Instructor - Brigitte Saunders

Nimble Insider | KX Instructor - Brigitte Saunders

We got to chat with one of our favourite fitspo’s Brigitte Saunders. Brigitte is manager and instructor at KX Pilates and Barre, PT and major influencer in the health and wellness space. We got an inside look at Brigitte’s everyday life, favourite activewear, plus an exclusive workout routine for Nimble eyes only!

Tell us a little about yourself?

Other than being a Personal Trainer and Pilates Instructor. I love leading a healthy and active lifestyle. There's nothing I love more than getting outdoors and going on adventures! I enjoy being amongst nature, in the fresh air and exploring. I'm a massive foodie, always experimenting with recipes in the kitchen. I'm always keen to challenge myself and try something new. I love to laugh and make others laugh, and I'm known for my ability to talk... ALOT. 

You are a motivator for so many, who motivates you?

My biggest motivator for me are my clients! I love seeing them transform, not only physically, but mentally, it's so rewarding. I like to be a good example for them, they make me want to be the best I can be so I can hopefully continue to inspire them to always work harder to lead a healthier, more active and positive life.

What does your typical day on a plate look like?

I am still playing around with my day on a plate as I've recently turned Vegetarian, so here it goes!

Breakfast 1: I usually wakeup at 5 am and start my day off with a big glass of water! For my first breakfast, I would usually eat 2 wholegrain weet-bix with almond milk, honey and cacao (which I prefer warmed up)

Breakfast 2: At 8 am, I usually have my second breakfast which consists of 1 or 2 poached eggs (depending on how hangry I am!), on multigrain/seeded toast and either; asparagus, spinach, avocado. I LOVE MY GREENS.

Snack: I would usually have a banana or an apple.

Lunch: I have been keeping it relatively light. I'll have a couple of rice crackers or rice cakes with tomato, avocado and feta/goats cheese! I'll also make a smoothie, which varies between a combination of celery, kale, spinach and green apple with water or coconut water.

Snack: I usually snack in the arvo on peanut butter... 1 TBSP or I'll have some fruit or a cucumber. whatever is handy! I also have another smoothie which consists of almond milk, Greek Yoghurt, peanut butter, cacao and honey. 

Dinner: I have been making a lot of salads. One of My favourites has been French lentils or Black beans, Spinach leaves, Beetroot, Broccoli, Sweet Potato, Feta & sometimes I'll add some tofu or a hard-boiled egg if I'm hungry, Apple cider vinegar & Lemon juice for dressing. 

I also drink a lot of water throughout the day. A coffee or two on a bad day, and I cannot get enough of peppermint tea!

I eat unprocessed foods as much as possible but I'm only human and do enjoy the occasional wine and chocolate splurge. Balance guys!

What are your favourite Nimble Activewear pieces at the moment?

I can't get enough of my midnight leaf crop & tight set... which is bazaar for me as I don't usually wear colours... The print is so subtle & they are so comfortable to move in, I especially love My Nimbles for Hot Yoga... They feel as if you are wearing nothing & they breathe which is something I find a lot of tights lack.

Do you have a mini workout you can share with us?

Here is a good one to do at home, inside or outside on the Mat! I do it all the time when I need a quick HIIT of exercise ;)

24 minutes, 5 exercises 45 seconds on, 15 seconds rest 4 rounds... 1-minute rest after each round. LET’S GO!

  1. Burpee's: Chest to ground guys & hands off the mat before you jump up!
  2. Mountain Climber push up combo: High plank position, running knees to chest 6 mountain climbers to 1 push up.
  3. Bicycle crunches: Holding a static crunch & alternate elbow to opposite knee
  4. Mat Jumps/Bunny hops: Place hands in the centre of your mat & hope from side to side, keeping knees & inner thighs together!
  5. Side Plank on forearm: Keep elbow under shoulder, feet stacked & hips square, Squeeze that booty! (Swap sides each round)

If you want more of a challenge go for an extra 2 rounds! 

Enjoy Guys!


You can follow Briggitte’s fitness journey via by following her Instagram account here.


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