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Nimble Insider | Jessica Thomas - Health Lab

Nimble Insider | Jessica Thomas - Health Lab

Nimble Insider | Jessica Thomas - Health Lab

The best balls you'll ever put into your mouth! We're talking protein balls of course! From peanut butter to lemon, Health Lab give us a deliciously addictive healthy snack that crunches those sugar cravings. Founder of Health Lab, Jessica Thomas, reveals all about how how she came to create a product that takes you from hump day through to FriYay!

What motivated you to start health Lab?

I had noticed a huge gap in the market for actually healthy snacks that helped me get through my long afternoons and stress induced sugar cravings. I knew that there were other women out there like myself that were too busy to be making their own snacks, and needed healthier options that were convenient and delivered straight to them. But it was really my husband at the end of the day that inspired me to start taking some risks and make my dream into a business.

What makes Health Lab different from other protein ball / powder brands?

I believe we’ve created a brand that really understands women and what they want. We’ve been passionate about a brand that stands for much more than simply healthy food, and want to connect, inspire, empower, and humour our #babes! And we really are all about making life for busy women easier…

Why have you specifically targeted your products to women? #BABESWITHBALLS

I believe it’s important to really understand your end customer and what they need from a product and brand. I designed the product for myself. So who better to target than other women out there, like myself, who needed healthy snacks that helped them remain productive and energised, plus help them get through sugar cravings and busy schedules! Women really are different to men when it comes to food, so I really understood the need to have a brand that catered to their needs.

We are addicted to your Peanut Butter Protein Balls! Which flavour is your favourite?

The best bit about our balls is there’s one for every mood or occasion, so my favourite tends to change all the time. However, I think the Energise Choc is probably my standout. I mean, what women doesn’t love a guilt-free chocolate hit!

Because we’re all about living a balanced life, what is your guilty pleasure?

 Us too, definitely French Champagne :)


Check out the full range of Health Lab's delicious, all natural and wholesome protein balls and powders here.


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