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New Year Heath & Wellness Trends

New Year Heath & Wellness Trends

New Year Heath & Wellness Trends

The start of every year marks the arrival of new fitness fads, crazy diets and health foodie trends. We’ve researched the 2017 health and wellness trends that are worth following.


Less Make-Up

Embrace your natural beauty this year and learn to be comfortable in your own skin. The fresh-faced movement has reached its peak with people deciding to ditch their daily face routine for the natural look. Celebs like Alicia Keys, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kendall Jenner and Jennifer Lopez have chaired the body-positive movement with bold red-carpet statements and no-makeup selfies on Instagram. Not only does not wearing makeup save you time in the morning, but it also helps to boost self-confidence and keep your skin clear from clogged pores, acne and irritating makeup chemicals. Of course, makeup isn’t going anywhere – but reserve your makeup wearing days for the weekend and you’ll see significant growth in the quality of your skin.

Plant Protein

Plant protein will be an expanding trend in 2017. It was widely believed that quality protein only came from meat; but while many of us are exploring different nutritional diets [vegetarian and vegan] the need for alternative protein rich foods have become higher in demand. Plant-based proteins such as beans, nuts, grains, hemp, pea and sunflower proteins have become increasingly more popular. Containing high protein properties, fibre, calcium, magnesium and vitamin K, vegetarians and vegans alike will have their full serve of minerals and nutrients that the body needs.


Ever experience stress, anxiety or depression? Many of us experience these feelings daily and are looking for ways to ease these mental pains. In 2017 we welcome self-care with open arms! Self-care means to reflect, to look inward and examine why we’re experiencing certain thoughts and feelings and then finding healthy ways to deal with them. We often confuse being healthy with the physical standard of looking and being fit. Many of us forget that our state of health comes from our whole body performing at its peak, that not only includes your physical, but also mental wellbeing. Mental health has often been overlooked and it is becoming more apparent than ever how important it is to our daily functioning. Take some time every day to find your inner calm and be at peace with yourself, whether it be through journal writing, meditation, yoga, outdoor exercise, art or general time-outs. Being able to spend some time and asking yourself what you NEED will ultimately help you address personal and mental health issues.

Netflix and chill > Going out

2017 is all about recharging. It won’t be unusual to consider taking some quality “me time” and opt out of weekend social plans. Whether you need to unwind after a crazy work week or finally catch up on the latest released episode of your favourite TV shows [hello Suits!] personal comfort is being prioritised over spending a night out on the town. The nesting mentality is sweeping across social media with evening candlelit rooms and beautiful morning bedspreads that make your room your new sanctuary. Of course, socialising with friends will always be on the agenda – however we’ll be taking a more casual approach, with more wine and cheese board nights watching your favourite movie and less cocktails and heels at the club.


Like Dry July but all year round. We’re starting to feel the alcohol and its pending hangover start to lose their lure in 2017. Booze-free gatherings and more active planning with friends see a rise in social events around fitness – brunch in our activewear [obviously after doing a sweaty Saturday class], Glow In The Dark Yoga, and openings of super luxe studios that offer massages, saunas and detox lounges are on the agenda this year. You also won’t have to feel like the odd one out when you’re out with friends with bars introducing mocktail and Elixr menus. We might not be doing this one all year round – balance is key!


Cleaner Beauty Products

Ever wondered what you’re actually putting on your skin when you’re applying your daily face? Many of us are unknowingly are putting harsh chemicals that seep deep into your pores and cause blemishes, pimples and acne. Skin care is becoming an extension of health care in 2017, and with the rise of cleaner, natural skincare products, women are now double checking their beauty product labels. Large beauty retailers like David Jones, Myer and Sephora are expanding their beauty range to offer products that use clean, non-toxic, organic and natural plant-based ingredients. Check out our favourite all natural brands, Lanolips Australia, Goop by Juice Beauty – Gwyneth Paltrow, RMS Beauty and Saya Skincare.

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