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How To | Detox (No Juices Needed)

How To | Detox (No Juices Needed)

How To | Detox (No Juices Needed)

The warm weather has begun and we’ve started rocking our denim shorts on the weekends and soaking up the sun whenever and wherever it appears! With summer fast approaching it won’t be long till we are living in our bikinis and smelling of coconut oil. The summer season marks the beginning of long days at the beach with our friends and (because we’re all about balance) some boozy nights out. What better way to prepare your body for your favourite time of the year than with a detox!

Usually when we think detox we picture drinking rows of coloured juices while our stomachs grumble at us for 3 days – forget it! We’ve found the easiest detox you’ll ever do all thanks to Nimbus & Co. Recently opening Sydney’s first exclusive infrared sauna and wellness studio, Nimbus & Co. take detoxing to a whole new level. Escape from the stresses of your everyday life and relax and unwind in a luxurious and tranquil [heated] space.

We are exposed to hundreds of thousands of harmful toxins every single day, and whether you’ve had a big weekend, suffer from chronic illness, want to be healthy, or want to try something new, detoxing is just the thing for you.

What is Infrared?

Different to traditional saunas, which use convection and conduction to heat the surface of your skin, infrared saunas use infrared heating panels that emit light giving you a deeper cleansing experience. Infrared lights give off radiated heat which penetrates deep within your tissues, muscles and cells, heating your body from the inside out, avoiding causing damage to the surface of the skin.


The more you sweat the better you’ll feel!


Sweating is the body’s natural process of removing toxins and chemicals from your body. The infrared saunas enhance this process by heating the body to gain a deeper reaction from your cells. A 45-minute infrared sauna session can cleanse and restore balance to the body by removing up to 20% of built up toxins.

Weight loss

Studies have found that you can burn up to 700 calories per sauna session. Sweating is your body trying to cool itself down, while this occurs your heart rate and metabolic rate increases, making you burn more calories.


Infrared heat has shown to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines in your skin. Sweating improves the blood circulation, elasticity, tone, texture and firmness of your skin leaving you glowing.

Skin Health

Regular sweating allows your body to detoxify, remove chemicals and rid dirt lodged within your skin. Infrared heat increases the blood flow bringing essential nutrients to the surface of the skin – giving you a natural glow. Regular infrared sauna sessions have shown to improve skin conditions such as acne, cellulite and dermatitis.

Immune Boosting

Naturally, your body increases its temperature when you’re objected to the heat. Bacteria and viruses can’t survive under certain temperatures in this increase in body temperature helps your body to fight off germs, giving your immune system that added boost.

Pain Relief

If you suffer from aches, pains or a chronic illness an infrared sauna is a great way to help ease some of your discomfort. Infrared saunas increase your core temperature and in turn your blood circulation, supporting blood flow to these trigger areas giving you a sense of relief and mobility.

Stress Reduction & Sleeping

Your infrared sauna session is a place to relax and de-stress from your everyday life. The infrared heat helps your body to decrease the production of cortisol, the main hormone for stress in the body, and helps you to sleep better. Press pause on your day and take a time out to unwind, because well, you deserve it!

Get sweating in your first infrared sauna session with Nimbus & Co. here

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