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Nimble Insider | Coffee Not Coffee

Nimble Insider | Coffee Not Coffee

Nimble Insider | Coffee Not Coffee

Coffee Not Coffee is the organic superfood blend that has more health benefits than your regular coffee. Founded by Melbourne sister duo, Coffee Not Coffee is your morning reviver and afternoon unwind. We had the pleasure of speaking to Co-founder Alice about all things business, family, healthy living and coffee.

What motivated you to start Coffee not Coffee?

I've ALWAYS wanted to do my own thing! Becoming a Mum really gave me the confidence to take the leap and be my own boss. My sister and I launched Coffee not Coffee in April 2014. With our love for health and fitness and passion (need) for our morning coffee it seemed like a no brainer!

We saw a huge rise in the herbal tea market and decided that we would look into launching our own take on herbal/superfood coffee products. We got stuck into creating a brand and products and it all just took off from there!

What makes Coffee not Coffee different from other coffee and tea replacements?

Well we actually are coffee, but not your average coffee. Our coffee products are all made with organic instant coffee and then combined with various herbal and superfood ingredients. We played with formulas and taste tested all our new formulas and products for almost a year before we decided they were spot on. We weren't going to settle for a product anything less than what we love.

To complement our range of superfood coffee blends we also have an AMAZING Hot Cacao Superblend. It's the perfect healthy treat for when your sweet tooth kicks in around 3pm or after dinner. 

Image Source: Instagram/coffeenotcoffee

How do you find working so close with family? Are there ever any challenges?

It's great! We never have to beat around the bush. We tell each other exactly what's on our mind (that's when we're not reading each other's minds!) Our skill sets complement each other so we're never stepping on the other persons toes.

It's nice to keep a business within the family. It's like our little baby together :)

What does healthy living mean to you?

Everything! When I'm healthy I feel amazing. And when I feel amazing everything else just follows. I try really hard to set a good example to my two young boys that it's so important to eat healthy food and be active. I will never do any kind of exercise that I don't enjoy - because what's the point. I don't believe in being obsessive over health and fitness. It's all about moderation and choosing the right options. If I'm active and eating healthy 90% of the time, then I absolutely allow myself a treat here and there. You live once - so make it long and have fun!

Because we’re all about living a balanced life, what is your guilty pleasure?

Red wine and chocolate. But I just tell myself I'm increasing my antioxidant intake and it's a not-so guilty pleasure anymore! ;)

View the full Coffee Not Coffee range here


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