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Pre & Post Workout Snacks

Pre & Post Workout Snacks

Pre & Post Workout Snacks

Pushing yourself at the gym but still not seeing results? A combination of healthy eating and exercise will get you closer to your goals – it’s true what they say abs are made in the kitchen!

It’s important to fuel yourself before, during and after exercise to help maintain sugar levels, maximise performance and improve recovery time. By consuming the appropriate foods and drink, you can maximise your energy output, burn more calories and get the most out of your workout.

Two of Nimble’s favourite nutritionists, Lyndi Polivnick and Jacqueline Alwill, give us their advice on the top pre and post workout snacks.

     Lyndi Polivnick                                   Jacqueline Alwill


Hydrate with water. It's a good idea to take small sips of your water a few hours before training rather than gulping down large volumes as this can help your body utilise the hydration best. 

It's important to fuel properly before your workout to not only get the most out of your training session, but also avoid gut upset, hunger pangs and fatigue. Enjoying a small snack about 1-2 hours before your exercise is a great way to give your muscles and brain the energy they need to perform at peak.Healthy pre-workout snacks generally should be carbohydrate based, low in fibre (to avoid gut upsets), easy to digest and a food you are familiar with. 

Lyndi loves:

  • A banana
  • Yoghurt with a drizzle of honey and a handful of berries
  • A piece of toast with your favourite spread
  • Frozen fruit, blended into 'nicecream'! 

Jacqueline loves:

  • Pear slices with almond butter
  • Small portion soaked oats with chopped nuts and berries
  • Superfood smoothie with raw cacao, protein, banana and coconut water
  • Seeds snaps with avocado
  • Pumpkin and ricotta on buckwheat crisps

Image Credit: Nutrition Happens


Aim for protein rich whole foods that will feed your body the amino acids required to build muscle tissue. Increasing the ratio of lean muscle mass in our bodies improves our metabolism and the rate at which we use energy outside the time we exercise.

The post-workout protein is of most benefit to your muscles if you fuel up within the half an hour time slot. Choose a snack that has more than 20g of protein. Refuelling with protein will ensure your muscles can be rebuilt leaner and stronger muscle fibres

Lyndi loves:

  • 2 hardboiled eggs and a piece of fruit
  • A glass of milk and/or a handful of nuts
  • Small tin of tuna and crackers
  • Yoghurt with 1/2 a banana

Jacqueline loves:

  • Piece of poached free range chicken wrapped in cos lettuce with chilli
  • Smoothie with raw proteins (pea, brown rice), berries and coconut water
  • Handful of mixed raw nuts such as almonds, brazil nuts and cashews
  • Small portion of chickpeas, quinoa and mixed herbs
  • Raw bliss ball with plenty of nuts