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How To | Keep Active At Work

How To | Keep Active At Work

How To | Keep Active At Work

Is work keeping you from getting in your daily dose of exercise?

It has become increasingly difficult to make the time to do exercise during the work week when in an office environment and working long hours. You’re not alone in your struggle - many of us can’t fit in the suggested 1 hour of physical activity a day.

Inactivity has been listed by the World Health Organisation as the 4th biggest risk factor for global adult mortality. Not being able to exercise has a great risk on our overall wellbeing and is important to ensure you are making the time to keep fit. We suggest starting out small and in your office. No more excuses! These tips will help you get moving. 

Take the stairs – Opt for the stairs instead of the elevator. Start by trying to climb 3-5 flights of stairs a day. Make it a habit and try to increase your target from the week before.

Sit on a balance ball instead of a chair – Make sure balance ball is tall enough to keep your posture in line. Sitting on the balance ball will keep your ab muscles activated all day.

Use a standing desk – if it’s possible in your office a standing desk can be a great way to activate your muscles. Standing is not only great for your back and posture, but it also uses more muscles and burns more calories than sitting.

Stretch – .Stretching releases tight muscles, encourages blood flow and regulates your stress level. Set an alarm every hour to get up and stretch and walk around the office - this will keep you more alert, active and decrease the strain that sitting puts on your back and neck.

Try these deskercises:

Push ups:

Engage your arm muscles. With both hands on your desk, walk your feet back to a 45-degree angle. Lower your chests to the edge of your desk and push up repeatedly.

Shoulder blade squeeze:

Improve your hunched posture by squeezing your shoulder blades together for 10 seconds, release and repeat.

Desk dips:

Facing away from your desk, place hands shoulder width apart. Bend your arms, and then straighten to keep tension on your triceps and off your elbow joints.

Chair Squats:

Tone your tush. Stand in front of your chair and lower yourself down until your butt hits the edge, then come back up and repeat. Keep your back straight, chest lifted and raise your arms out in front of you for balance.

Wall Sits:

Toning your quads and strengthen your abs with a simple wall sit. Stand against a wall space and sit down to a 90-degrees angle. Hold for 30 seconds to 1 minute and come back up. Repeat 3 times.

Leg Raises:

Tighten your abs while sitting! Sit on your chair, straighten your right leg and hold for 10 seconds, then lower almost to the floor and repeat 10 times. Repeat this exercise on the left leg.  


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