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Training with Charlotte | Headstands

Training with Charlotte | Headstands

Training with Charlotte | Headstands

Go for it! Live life fearlessly and try Charlotte's step by step guide to the perfect headstand. Always remember - practice makes perfect!

Sometimes we can hold ourselves back from doing what we really want to achieve and experience in life, whether it be applying for your ultimate career, having the courage to chat up a handsome guy at a party, or going for gold i an athletic competition. Don't let fear and confrontation scare you away from living that ultimate dream. Even if you fall, or struggle, don't beat yourself up - pick yourself up again, take a calming breath, and embody the vision you wish to bring to life!

But how can we face those fears and overcome them? With the practice of yoga, the body shapes we create can not only be physically challenging, but mentally and emotionally too. As we master these physical formations, we begin to find the courage and strength to 'shape' our manifestation abilities as well.

Follow this step by step routine to build strength, courage and become fearless in your practice, and in your everyday life. Go for it - make the most of every living moment, you've got nothing to lose, life is what you make it.


This pose will be worked in variations. Please stay at your level, and in time, like any situation, it'll open up when you're ready.

Headstands require a very strong upper body to hold your whole body weight. Start on your knees, and bring your finger tips across to each elbow. Keep your elbows distant and interlock your hands tightly. Roll your shoulders away from your ears, and press your fist down and away from your body. Either stay here, or alternatively, lift up into 'downward facing dog'. Hips high and drop your head down (not touching the floor). Activate your legs (keep your knees bent if your lower back if tender), belly and arms. Hold and breathe deeply for 5 breaths - 2 minutes. When you're comfortably holding for 2 minutes you may move to the next variation. 

Open your fist this time, press firmly without rolling your hands forward. Now keeping your chin tucked into your throat (always), drop your head lightly in-between your hands, so you cup your head. Lift your head straight up off the floor on your inhale, and gently place back down in between your hands on your exhale. Repeat this a few times. You should only have about 30% of weight on your head, the rest is in your body strength.

You may have a wall behind you for this next variation. ONLY if that feels solid and you can maintain the previous options move to this one. Keep your head on the floor, with your shoulders lifting up slowly walk your legs in towards your hands. As you do this, keep your hips lifting up to the sky and belly very strong, without jumping. If you jump, you'll miss out your core strength and it'll be uncontrolled. When you walk your feet to your hands, tuck one knee into your belly, and possibly both knees squeezing into your belly, with your feet hovering away from the floor. Hold and breathe deeply for 5-10 breaths. To release, lightly bring your legs back down into downward facing dog. Shake your head gently from side to side to release your neck.


Rest down into child pose. By giving yourself time out, to reflect and truly be aware of how you're feeling, this restful boost to could give you the moments where you may change your mind-set and go for life. Sometimes we can be so busy being 'in' a situation, and be unaware of our fear and insecurities.

Come into a kneeling pose and sit back gently onto your heels. Ground down onto your feet at the same time lengthen your arms behind you. Keep your shoulders down, and your forehead resting onto the floor. Hold and breathe deeply for 10-20 breaths.


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