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Nimble Insider | Nadia Felsch

Nimble Insider | Nadia Felsch

Nimble Insider | Nadia Felsch

Each day we are constantly inspired by talented health and wellness writers and bloggers. The effervescent Nadia Felsch is a writer and wholefoods recipe developer that seriously stands out and has become a constant source of inspiration (and recipes!) at Nimble HQ.

We first met Nadia at her e-book launch for EAT WELL, LOOK GOOD, FEEL GREAT over a year ago and since then she has become both a close friend as well as a health and wellness inspiration with her holistic approach to fitness and healthy eating. 

We are pleased to introduce an original Writer, Wholefoods Recipe Developer, Food Stylist and Nutritionist-in-training. 

Image by Nadia Felsch

Nadia's life mantra is to EAT WELL, LOOK GOOD and FEEL GREAT.

The materialisation of her journey is her personal brand and website, plus a rapidly growing number of followers. Nadia works alongside her talented husband to style and capture each delicious dish and really bring it to life.

Nimble insider with Nadia.....

What inspired you to start your health and wellness website? 

From the very beginning, I've been all about sharing my story and solving the very real problems that I'd experienced, and successfully moved past, years earlier. 

Sharing the countless valuable lessons I’d taught myself (and mistakes I’d made!) and providing busy women with what’s all too often hard to find!

At the core of that are my simple, delicious & nutritious recipes. 

No long shopping lists.

No expensive ingredients.

Nothing out of your reach.


What food / eating philosophy do you like to live by? 

Eat real food.

I ‘crowd out’ my meals with vibrant and delicious real food, without the dietary labels.

Eating a minimally processed and wholefoods-based diet has meant incredible energy, sustained healthy weight (without diets!) and fantastic overall wellbeing.

With a wholefoods diet, I’m able to be in tune with my body and what it needs, so although that might look different each day - it’s always whole and it’s always delicious.  

What does healthy living mean to you? 

Being capable of whatever my heart desires and living my best life.

Having the framework to support and most enable my best life isn’t a “thing” on the to-do list, it’s my way of life.

What does a usual workout look like for you?

With a background in competitive swimming and long-distance running, exercise has formed a large part of my whole life.

Over the past 5 years however and through long-term injuries, I’ve been forced to re-think everything I do with my body.

I made the decision a couple of years after that to fully commit to the (until then) half-hearted yoga practice that I’d begun. For today, tomorrow and next year.

It’s truly transformed my entire life and it’s my single greatest blessing. 

Currently I have a home and studio yoga practice 6 days a week. In support of that I do 2-3 yoga ‘drills’ sessions that focus on core strength among other things.

Alongside that I enjoy walks in nature several times a week and skipping - what an efficient workout! 

What are 5 foods you could not live without?

Avocado, Raw Cacao, Coriander, Almonds, Tomatoes 


We also want to share one of our favourite of Nadia's recipes - her infamous Raw Salted Caramel Protein Balls. This is an absolute favourite afternoon treat or dessert (that we have made over and over again!).

TIP: Make up a double batch and store in the freezer as these balls will disappear very quickly. We sometimes leave out the protein powder if we don't have any and it still works exceptionally well. 

Raw Salted Caramel Protein Balls

Image by Nadia Felsch

Makes 18 


  • 1 cup cashews
  • ½ cup dessicated coconut (without preservatives)
  • 1 scoop of quality protein powder of your choice (pea, rice or whey)
  • 15-16 Medjool dates
  • 1 tablespoon chia seeds
  • 1 tablespoon maple syrup
  • 2 tablespoons raw pepitas
  • 2 tablespoons water
  • Good crack/pinch of salt
  • Extra coconut for rolling


  1. Blend cashews first in a food processor until in chunk-form
  2. Add all other ingredients and blend until formed
  3. Pour extra coconut into a bowl
  4. Roll mixture into small balls and coat in the bowl of dessicated coconut
  5. Freeze to set and enjoy
  6. These balls will last in your freezer for 2 weeks and are equally delicious if stored in the fridge, once set.


Serving size: 30g; Calories: 129; Fat: 6.7; Carbohydrates: 12.1; Protein: 3.8


Learn more about Nadia Felsch and connect with her through her Website | Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest | You Tube