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Trending Now | Pistachio Milk

Trending Now | Pistachio Milk

Trending Now | Pistachio Milk

Say hello to the latest dairy-free nut milk trend. Pistachio milk has emerged as the newest nut milk competitor surfacing in your nearest supermarket and café. Containing a range of health benefits, pistachio milk can be used the same as any other milk/nut milk and is always best homemade. We got to speak to nutritionist-in-the-making, wholefood recipe developer, food stylist and writer Nadia Felsch about the versatile, tasty goodness that is pistachio milk.

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What are the benefits of pistachio milk?

Pistachios are actually related to fruit such as mangoes and peaches, and just as fruit and vegetables, they possess a wide range of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytochemicals that your body loves!

To name just a few benefits, they’re a great source of healthy (monounsaturated) fats as well as plant protein, they contain natural plant sterols which work positively with our blood cholesterol levels and they contain resveratrol – the antioxidant made famous from red wine.

In short – pistachios rock!

Pistachio milk then, especially when homemade without the icky additives, provides a creamy, delicious and natural product that can be used in place of any other milk.

How does pistachio milk differ from other milks and nut milks?

Whether it’s about allergies, intolerances or simply preference – nut milks are certainly here to stay. And not just in specialty stores and cafes anymore either, though in large chain supermarkets too.

The former points are the main reasons why we’re enjoying more nut milks these days as opposed to regular dairy milk.

The bottom line though is that when it comes to nut milks; with the most popular being almond, cashew and hazelnut; they’re all great options!

Regular consumption of nuts has demonstrated lower levels of certain inflammatory markers within the body, a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and related cholesterol-lowering as well as the positive association to managing blood glucose levels.

Each nut offers a varying nutrient profile though as long as we’re enjoying quality nut milks with no icky additives as part of a balanced diet, then we’re providing our body with a whole heap of goodness.

The key difference between nut and other milks, including animal and plant options, comes down to the individual nutrient profile in addition to our unique requirements. For instance, a nut milk may be a superior nutritional choice for someone with lactose intolerance (found in dairy milk), however clearly not for someone with a tree nut allergy (nut milks).

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What are your thoughts on pistachio milk as a healthy milk alternative?

My food philosophy centres around the concept of bio-individuality, this idea that we each have unique needs and requirements.

So there is no ‘one’ healthy food for each of us, as we will respond differently to different foods, and even at different stages of our life too.

And that natural, real, wholefoods are what we’re set up to thrive on. Not refined and heavily-processed, manufactured food products.

A quality nut milk with a high nut content and no icky preservatives or thickeners, provides wonderful nutrition (and flavour!), to those of us who tolerate them well – and enjoy them.

I’d recommend making your own where you can to not only enjoy a fresher and better quality product, though also to minimise what’s added to it. You can find my DIY Pistachio Milk recipe here and not only is it creamy and delicious, though super simple too!

Did you know that the average store-bought nut milk contains less than 5% nuts?

Where homemade milk (my recipes anyhow), average out at 20%.

Should you choose to enjoy nut milks as part of your diet, I recommend to keep an eye on how many nut products you’re consuming overall because they all count.

So using nut milk in your smoothie or cereal and then enjoying a handful of nuts or nutty bliss ball later on may be over-doing it for you.

Like everything, balance is key for optimal health.

What is your favourite recipe using pistachio milk?

Pistachios + cacao = amazing!

So hands down my favourite recipe using pistachio milk is a hot chocolate.

And it’s not simply your taste buds that will be happy with this one either! As dairy milk has shown to decrease the antioxidant uptake of raw cacao within our bodies, you’re better off enjoying this recipe with pistachio milk.


GF / V / VG

TIME: 5 minutes



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  • 2 ¼ cups pistachio milk
  • 2 tablespoons raw cacao
  • ¼ teaspoon vanilla powder/ ½
  • teaspoon vanilla extract
  • ¾ tablespoon rice malt/maple syrup



  • Heat all ingredients in a small saucepan on med-high heat
  • Continue stirring until all ingredients are well dissolved
  • Bring to desired warmth and serve immediately



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Nadia Felsch is the creator of the Wholefood Society and the Path to Wholefoods program, recipe developer, writer and nutritionist-in-the-making whose relatable approach to real food is about nourishment, enjoyment and ultimately, eating freedom.

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