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Nimble Insider | Heidy Jameel - LYC

Nimble Insider | Heidy Jameel - LYC

Nimble Insider | Heidy Jameel - LYC

We got to talk about all things health, wellness and juice cleansing with creator and founder of Luck You Juice Cleanse, Heidy Jameel! Heidy gives us the inside scoop on the ORIGINAL juice and cleanse company in Australia that offers raw, whole, unpasteurized juice crafted from specialty equipment.

Have you always had an interest in health and wellness? 

Absolutely!  I grew up in the US and always maintained a very active lifestyle.  This was somewhat difficult during the year because Chicago can get very cold with lots of snow.  Motivation can sometime lack with the weather is tricky! When we relocated to Australia about 20 years ago my quest got a whole lot easier! The weather here lends itself to outdoor exercise which is fabulous. The run, swim, run Bondi to Bronte is an all time favourite of mind. I typically do 20k's a day made up of walking, riding, running or swimming!!

What motivated you to start Lucky You Juice Cleanse? 

My gorgeous friend Joe Cross (documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead) was doing his first documentary in the US on juice cleansing. This was in 2009. I went to New York to see the first cut of the movie way back then and after some hard core research decided we needed cold pressed juice in Sydney. I then came back and started LYC in my kitchen. It grew so big so fast that as soon as I could get the larger hydraulic presses into Australia we opened our first factory. Now 7 years later we are still going strong!!

How does Lucky You differ from other cold pressed juices?

Cold pressed juice has become very trendy over the past few years. LYC differs from most by bottling in glass, holding the highest certifications and sticking to our core business. You see many that do 'juice' are set up like cafes so they cover the spectrum from coffee to food. We are true to our mission which is to produce the freshest, cold pressed juice blends in Sydney. We also run and end to end cold chain which is critical with cold pressed juice. LYC produces and distributes to over 500 postcodes within Sydney and surrounding suburbs.  

What does your typical day on a plate look like?

I'm all about moderation!  I have 3 children and 2 are teenage boys so we have an abundance of food in our house. My routine includes starting every morning with a Green A - my favourite LYC blend. Straight greens and lemon, you can't get better than that! We shop 'fresh' so very few preservatives and lots of raw greens. 

Because we’re all about living a balanced life, what is your guilty pleasure?

I love Messina ice cream!

For more information and to shop the LYC juice range please visit Lucky You Cleanse


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