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How To | Avoid Winter Weight Gain

How To | Avoid Winter Weight Gain

How To | Avoid Winter Weight Gain

It’s that time of the year again and we’re already feeling that winter chill in the air! Gone are the summer days that motivated us to keep our bikini bodies in check. It’s all too easy in winter to lose that motivation to exercise and be healthy with the temptation of comfort foods and the cold weather discouraging us from getting to the gym. Soon enough we’ll be covering ourselves in layers of clothes without noticing the layers of weight that are building up underneath. Winter doesn’t have to be like this - there’s a reason they say summer bodies are made in the winter! Avoid the winter weight gain with our top tips.

Stick to routine

We know the early morning and late night chills make it harder to get out and exercise but we suggest trying to keep up with your regular exercise routine as much as you can. Pick times when you’re most likely to workout. If get tired after long days at work it may be best to do exercise early in the morning. If you aren’t a morning person save your energy for a night time workout. Morning exercise tip: pack your gym bag ready for the next day so you can quickly get up, get changed and race out the door prepared.

If you need some extra motivation to get moving buy a new winter activewear outfit – we know just the place for those edgy winter warmer outfits. Otherwise, grab your bestie or a group of girls and workout together. Exercising with friends ensures your workout is fun and motivating, keeping you on track to maintain your fitness levels and reach your goals.

In a bit of a workout rut? Try different types of exercise (trampolining, boxing, aerial yoga etc.) to switch up your routine and keep your workouts interesting. Try and get outside as much as you can when working out. Being indoors for long periods of time can be detrimental not only to your health, but also your mind. If you don’t want to leave your house because of the rainy and cold winter weather (we understand) try exercising indoors. Check out our top free fitness apps, perfect for your at home workouts.

Sleep tight

Sleep is the only thing that keeps you going. It’s essential to get 8 hours of sleep every night in order for your body to completely rejuvenate, recover and be prepared for the day ahead. We put our bodies through a lot of stress each day and getting a good night’s sleep is what keeps us on track. When you sleep well, you eat well, you exercise better and ultimately, you feel better about yourself.

Drink, drink, drink

Water and tea that is…Keeping your fluids up in winter is just as important as it is during summer. As usual, try to limit your juice, soft drink and alcohol intake and opt for more natural fluids. Be aware that many of us mistake thirst for hunger and end up eating more than our body actually needs. Added bonus - tea not only warms the body but it also satiates you when you’re having a sugar craving.

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Eat your vegetables

The cold weather brings out our favourite comfort foods – cue the potato bake and lasagne! As tasty as these warming winter dishes are, these heartier, carb-based meals are what pack on those unwanted pounds. To avoid the winter weight try swapping out carbs with grain alternatives and vegetables.

Bulking your meals with vegetables instead of carbs will fill your body with nutrients that will keep you satisfied for longer. Substituting starchy carbs with alternatives like barley, brown rice, lentils, beans and sweet potato means you don’t have to miss out on your favourite winter dishes. Pack your winter full of colourful curries, satisfying soups and rich roast dinners!

Plan Ahead

Meal preparation is the best way to stay on track this winter. Make wholesome and nutritious meals on Sunday night for the week ahead and store extra portions in the freezer. Try to cook your own meals whenever you can, and if you are eating out try to make healthier food choices. Remember: eat mindfully – not out of boredom, stress, feeling cold, or being emotional.

Eat dessert

Yes, you read that right! Indulge a little. It’s important to keep a balanced diet and we should be able to reward ourselves every now and then (don’t worry, we hear that apple crumble calling our name too). In saying this, make sure that you limit your dessert intake and are aware of portion sizes. Swap desserts that are high in sugars with those made with sweeteners or make your own healthy versions of your favourite dessert.